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Girls Teaching Girls to Code

If, like most parents, you notice your child is inspired by what their peers are into, here’s a fun, free, brain-healthy activity to turn them on to. High-school student Juliette launched a nonprofit aimed at teaching girls ages 9 – 12 the fundamentals of computer coding. Girls enjoy free weekly classes while building skills and confidence.

Inspiration to Action: 14-Year-Old Launches Coding Nonprofit

When Juliette saw that other girls her age weren’t as interested in computer science as she was, she decided to start an organization to give young girls a positive first experience with coding.

The Future of Women in STEM Starts Here

It’s well known that women and other minority groups aren’t strongly represented in STEM careers, but this high-school student is out to change that. She founded a nonprofit teaching young girls to code, and now she’s offering scholarships to women entering college to study computer science.

She’s Putting an End to Coding “Bro Culture”

After falling in love with coding at a young age thanks to a visiting instructor, Juliette was excited to join the beginner’s coding class her first year of high school. But the “bro culture” and disengaged fellow girl students in class got her thinking: What if other girls had a chance to love coding younger, like I did? That’s when Juliette’s nonprofit was born.

Changing the Face of Computer Science

Women and certain minority groups are underrepresented in the field of computer science, and this Mexican American high school girl is on a mission to resolve the disparities.
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